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BEAST by Jade Gurss anounced

February 14, 2014

Over the last few months our MD has been looking tired but clearly he’s been excited about something…. and that something has been announced today over in the USA.


BEAST is the new book by New York Times best-selling author Jade Gurss. It follows the incredible story of the Ilmor 265E engine, known to most as the Mercedes-Benz 500I, from it’s inception to the indelible mark it left on IndyCar racing after the 1994 Indy 500.

Patrick has been heavily involved with the book from the beginning and has been assisting Jade with the technical aspects that are inevitably a part of the story. To supplement this he’s now modeled a significant part of the engine in addition to parts of the standard 265D and the PC23 gearbox to produce a series of illustrations.

“Modeling the engine has been a real eye opener,” said Patrick “I knew it was a neat engine but I hadn’t appreciated just how clever it was. The valvegear and the general packaging, once you get into it in detail, is incredible.”

“I could not have completed this book without Patrick’s help and generosity,” said Gurss, a former Ilmor employee. “It’s focused upon the people who designed, built and raced the engine in an almost impossible timeframe, and we needed the technical and engineering details to be absolutely accurate. Patrick helped make so much of that possible. I will be forever in his debt for his generosity and input into BEAST.”

The book will dispel many myths about the engine both technically and in the context of the CART / IRL split.

BEAST will be available on bookshelves in May.

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