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Repairs to the Lotus are nearly complete

February 05, 2014

Following the accident at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year Lotus 98T 04 has undergone repair-work here at Sywell. While we all would rather the accident had not happened if the car is going to run at events, and bring with it the memories and joy of a time gone past, you have to accept incidents such as this might happen.

The Lotus has only been demonstrated by professional drivers such as Gary Ward and Martin Brundle during it’s current ownership. We were all extremely relieved Gary walked away unhurt and will be very pleased to see him back in the car in the very near future demonstrating it at his usual high standard.

Despite how the accident looks in the footage the damage was surprisingly light. The tub was virtually untouched with only a small whiteness on each side where the front lower wishbones contacted it. These have now been painstakingly repaired to as high a standard as can be achieved both structurally and cosmetically. The two photographs below show the damaged areas having been repaired. It is fair to say they are almost completely invisible.

The car is now going back together in ernest and we hope to have it complete and running in the next few weeks.

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